INSYLO: Digitalising and Streamlining the Animal Feed Supply Chain

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Jaume Galada, Founder & CEO, INSYLOJaume Galada, Founder & CEO
Did you know that most livestock farmers worldwide still manually check the stock levels in their silos?

Yes, once or twice a week, the farmers visit each of the feed silos and tap it manually to get an approximate stock level. When the silos are about to get empty, they contact the animal feed suppliers, who often have less than 24-48 hours to produce and deliver the feed to the farmers. As a result, the suppliers end up neglecting the logistics optimisation and incur additional costs for both themselves as well as the farmers.

Jaume Galada, a maven in the ICT space, found these processes inefficient compared to what they could be with the touch of technology. According to him, “If addressed in the right manner with the right equipment, livestock farms and feed suppliers can end up saving up to two billion euros every year.”

It was clear to Galada that there was an exigent need for an efficient, technology-driven logistics model in the animal feed supply chain. He set himself on a mission. But, several tests and researches later, Galada realised that none of the sensor technologies available in the market could be of help to the farmers. Either the equipment was too expensive or lacked the accuracy needed for utilisation in farms. It was time to develop a solution that was the right fit for both farmers and suppliers, and thus, to achieve this goal, Galada laid the foundation for INSYLO, an agtech company specialising in the digitalization of the feed supply chain. After four years of research and development with the help of the European Commission and several Spanish national organisations, INSYLO launched the first reliable and cost-effective IoT solution dedicated to streamlining the animal feed supply chain.
Digitalisation Is The Answer

Galada believes digitalising the animal feed supply chain can address the many roadblocks faced by livestock farmers as well as feed suppliers. “Our unique and proprietary platform utilises three-dimensional IoT sensors to accurately assess the quantity of the bulk solid stored in the silos,” explains Daniel Mount, key account manager at INSYLO. The sensors are fully autonomous, generating grid-independent energy through integrated solar panels connected to the cloud. Leveraging this, farmers no longer have to check the silo levels manually and send refilling orders; INSYLO’s IoT platform automates the entire process, grants feed suppliers remote access to the silos, and allows them to optimise the refilling operations. Equally impressive is the quick installation process, which takes less than 10 minutes for the solution to go up and running. And to further sweeten the deal, the price is six times lower than the traditional load cells, which is the only other technology that comes close to INSYLO’s accuracy.

INSYLO’s also offers a cloud-based service that facilitates seamless access to silo’s valuable information. Using these insights, suppliers can easily anticipate the farm’s needs and decide the right time to fill the silos with the right amount of feed while minimising the overall logistics costs. Besides, INSYLO also offers several tools to allow mutually favourable agreements between farmers and feed suppliers, helping them choose the best collaboration models.

INSYLO’s products are a unique combination of accuracy and cost-effectiveness—which is also a welcoming deviation from traditional sensor technologies. This, in addition to the advanced cloud functionalities, makes INSYLO’s solution an obvious choice for clients seeking to excel in smart farming and logistics. “Our IoT platform is designed with three main objectives in mind: affordable sensors with simple installation, maximum data accuracy for reliable logistics optimisation, and enhanced collaboration between farmers and feed suppliers,” says Jaume Galada, the Founder and CEO at INSYLO.
Galada believes that his offering is quite timely for the animal feed industry as well. Today, the industry produces over one billion tonnes of feed annually with a turnover of 350,000 million euros. In this background, INSYLO is like the tailwind for the industry, helping it become more responsible and sustainable. As the consumption of meat products keeps increasing, livestock farmers, as well as feed suppliers, need to streamline their operations and mitigate the challenges on the way. INSYLO makes this happen through IoT technology, enabling its clients to take control of the data and use the insights for making informed decisions.

Setting A New Course In Livestock Farming Evolution

As a testament to the impact made by Galada’s idea, the company has received massive funding from the European and Spanish public funding entities for developing the technology. Today, INSYLO is working on several projects with premier feed suppliers, with over 1,000 sensors already installed. These impressive achievements are making INSYLO a significant disruptor in the agtech sector; the company is indeed creating a giant stride towards safe, efficient, and sustainable digitalisation of the animal husbandry sector.

Thus, a company that initially started to solve the problems in the animal feed supply chain is quickly expanding its functionalities today to cater to a much broader market. International clients from many other sectors, including the cement industry, are also approaching INSYLO to augment their stock optimisation and logistics management. The next step for the company is to establish a global footprint, starting with the U.S., before moving on to the Asian market. “We are the first movers in this great market niche, and in the coming years, we will be signing large volume contracts that will boost rapid market adoption of our technology in the global market,” concludes Galada.
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Girona, Spain

Jaume Galada, Founder & CEO

INSYLO offers a robust IoT platform to automate the monitoring of feedstock silos and streamline the refilling process. The fully autonomous sensors leveraged by the IoT platform are fully autonomous. As they draw energy from integrated solar panels, the devices need not be connected to the main power grid. The livestock farmers can easily monitor the stock level in their silos from their smartphones and get alerts, saving them from manual inspection tasks. INSYLO’s platform also allows feed suppliers to access the stock level information of their customers and manage their replenishment orders accordingly


"Our IoT platform is designed with three main objectives in mind: affordable sensors with simple installation, maximum data accuracy for reliable logistics optimisation, and enhanced collaboration between farmers and feed suppliers"

- Jaume Galada, Founder & CEO